mardi 7 février 2012

Monoprix: It LOOKS like a supermarket, but doesn't act like one

As I waited in the long lunchtime line in the Monoprix today, my eyes fell upon a sign tacked to the side of the register. It informed us that Monoprix, in an effort to provide "even better customer service" was surveying departing shoppers and would we please take a moment to respond to the nice clipboard-holding women at the exit doors?

There were a million things I wanted to tell these ladies, including but not limited to:

-why not open more than two cash registers during peak hours?
-why not be proactive and offer plastic bags rather than wait until the customer asks for one, when CLEARLY the customer is holding only her purse and has not brought a more planet-friendly carrying device?
-why not stock aisles and shelves during off-hours so shoppers can move thru the aisle with a shopping cart?
-why not place razor blades and shaving cream on the SAME level, rather than one downstairs and one upstairs?
-and, while we are on the subject of levels, WHY NOT REPAIR YOUR FAKE ELEVATOR WHICH HAS NOT FUNCTIONED SINCE 2007, instead of using it as an extra stock room, holding Mentos boxes and expired Christmas sweets? That way, people with strollers would not cause accidents and put their babies at risk while attempting to take the escalators.

Oh, I had a lot of time in the line to come up with some fine suggestions on how to run a better business. But of course, when I got to the exit...

...there were no survey takers. Guess their union decided that they'd worked enough.

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