samedi 17 mars 2012

Monoprix and Me

Readers ask me why I continue to shop at Monoprix, since my complaints  about this market are incessant.  Proximity is one reason.  Quality, certainly when compared with Franprix, is another.

 Ease of negotiating the aisles, however, is not one of the reasons.

Here we are in the cheese aisle.  It's noon--a peak shopping time.  Got a shopping cart?  Sorry, the cheese aisle is off-limits to you!!!!

This stack of cardboard will stay there, blocking the ham section, forever.  Or until the one guy whose labor-union allows him to remove the cardboard packaging gets to work. 

If you were tempted by anything in the shelves which this palette is blocking, you are SOL.  That thing ain't going anywhere.  AND DON'T TRY AND MOVE IT YOURSELF unless you want to get yelled at.

Hello noontime crowd.  Open up another register so the line doesn't back up into the wine section at the rear of the store?  Of course not!  Because the checkout girls need their lunchbreak too!

Now here's a recent addition to the Monoprix.  Surely influenced by the draw of  Krispy Kreme's "HOT DONUTS NOW" , they've installed these baguette-makers. One euro, one minute, and you've got a freshly-baked-from-industrial-dough baguette! Monoprix's bread is as far from artisanal as you can get, but I give them points for this fun contraption.

4 commentaires:

  1. It seems that I am, unintentionally, following you as I am becoming familiar with the world of blogging (from Lyn's to Norma's to SFG).
    It is a coincidence that I found myself reading the same blogs but not that I decided to see yours. I HAD to read something that had the name of my favorite city as part of the title. Your entries, of which I have read about 5, make me ache to be there. The trips are never often or long enough.

    Your blog is beautifully written, informative, entertaining and utterly delightful. I wish I had looked sooner but I was biased. I am sorry I let first impressions stand in the way of enjoying your blog. I will not make that mistake again.

    1. Oh, dlamb, what a splendid comment! I keep reading it over and over. Thank you for acknowledging my writing. It's why I do what I do.

  2. It was absolutely sincere and if you've read some of the comments I've left on our mutual buddy's blog, you KNOW that I cannot help but be honest about my thoughts, sometimes to my detriment, not to mention the discomfort of others.
    It is quite fulfilling when you do something you enjoy and do it expertly from every perspective. It often feels like you are not actually working. At least that has been my experience. Your love of writing and of Paris (sigh....) comes through and it is captivating. I look forward to reading the rest.
    Unlike SFG's blog, which I am reading in chronological order, I started yours with the the most recent entry and could not stop. I guess I am reading it in reverse order but it appears not to matter. Norma's, well, I am hopschtching through that one and with Lyn's I've been caught up for several months, so I keep up with the daily blog.

    I DO love a wonderfully written blog, or any writing for that matter and I feel so fortunate to have found these, regardless of content or topic. I believe that Norma was referring specifically to YOU when she said she is disappointed when bloggers do not write daily. I AM TEASING YOU, just my indirect way of letting you know that I look forward to whatever you produce next. If that sounds manipulative, I'd like to say I am sorry but if I did, I might develop Pinocchio syndrome.

  3. I'm addicted to Monop
    I'd wear their clothes if they fit..
    I was surprised to see an MOF sign at their pastry counter at La Motte Picquet store
    Love yr funny pics of blocked fromage...
    They even had a velvet rope up Sat nite blocking off the cheese!